The Process

All you need to know about the process of building a new home

There is something very special about building a new home. It is an exciting journey for both the owner and the builder, which is why we are so proud to be able to guide you through the entire journey. We also understand the process can seem a little overwhelming, so we have outlined what you can expect from your initial contact with our consultants to the handover of your brand new Trend Connection home.
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    1. SELECT

    During this initial phase, you will work alongside one of our consultants to select your preferred home design, facade and any promotions that may appeal to you. You will receive a tender and a building contract which will need to be signed to move onto the pre-construction phases.
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    This is where things start to get a little more exciting! You will meet with our qualified colour consultants who will guide you through all the selections required for your home. You will select your colours, fixtures, features, appliances and so much more to bring your home to life.
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    3. Approvals

    Whilst you are going through the customise phase, we work tirelessly behind the scenes with our external bodies to obtain approval to build your home. The first step is undertaking a survey of your site and completing working drawings. These drawings are then used to obtain a vast range of reports which will allow us to obtain building approval and move onto the build phase.
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    Congratulations, your home is now in construction! During this phase, you will see your home come to life layer by layer. You will receive regular construction updates so you can follow the progress from the comfort of your own home.
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    It’s time to pick up your keys! You will meet with your supervisor who will hand you the keys to your brand new Trend Connection home.




  1. Choose your design
  2. Tender acceptance
  3. Building Contract acceptance

Pre-Construction PHASE

  1. Preliminary plans drawn
  2. Colour selections
  3. Building approvals
  4. Authority to commence construction

Construction PHASE

  1. Site Preparation
  2. Concrete Slab Poured
  3. Frames & Trusses Installed
  4. Brickwork Complete
  5. Roof Installed
  6. Lock-up
  7. Practical Completion
  8. Handover
  9. Maintenance & Warranty